Sunday at the range-700 rounds!


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I didn’t write a range report for the previous weekend because we were there for such a short time; I think right around an hour.  We had a family reunion celebrating my gram’s sister’s 90th birthday and I wouldn’t have missed that for the world!

This weekend we made up for the lost time! We spent just over 4 glorious hours at the range!  It was again a beautiful day but unlike the other weekends I was the only woman there this time.  Welllll…that’s not quite true.  One of the new members brought his wife but she had him park across the parking lot and would not get out of the car no matter who tried to coax her.  He explained to me that she was not a “gun aficionado”.  As you can imagine he wasn’t there for a very long.

We set up our targets and got down to business.  We’re still having a hard time getting good groupings with Walther.  I’ve spent some time recently reading on some discussion boards and found that some people have experienced similar issues.  Many people suggested looking at the Walther P22 Bible to look at “functional improvements” but that is wayyy beyond my capabilities. It was suggested by a few people that we just send a ton of rounds through it to further break it in. And that is what we took turns doing.  Between the two of us, we fed Walther about 600 rounds! Here’s a pic of the first 30 or so rounds.

When I wasn’t shooting Walther I used hubby’s 1911.  I shot about 50 rounds and am feeling really comfortable with it now.  Hubby probably sent around another 50 down range.  So as you can imagine our weekly visit to the range can be expensive so we really, really, really need to look into reloading!

We also took turns with the rifle.  I know I’ve said it before but there is just something about loading it one round at a time that I really just love.  This is 25 yards out.  I forgot to bring our binoculars so I had a hard time seeing where I was hitting but clearly I was hitting the target!

I met another very nice guy who was kind enough to let me try two guns he had.

One was the Ruger LC9 a 9mm.

It was had a good weight to it but the most memorable thing about this gun was that it had the LONGEST trigger pull that I’ve encountered yet. I mean loooooooooooooooooooooooong.  I actually thought that I was doing something wrong or that it was broken.  But he assured me to just keep pulling the trigger and then when it finally went off it startled me.  It wasn’t bad after I knew what to expect but wow.

He also let me fire his Ruger .22.  I’m not positive which kind it was but I think it may be the Ruger 22/45 Rimfire Pistol but I could be wrong.

Big holes the LC9, smaller holes 22

I’m finding that I have a really hard time seeing my shots on regular paper targets.  I had to ask him if I was even hitting the target!  The splatter targets definitely make it easier for me to see if I’m hitting the target or not. I really like the Dirty Bird ones in the 1911 pics above with the larger bull.

Looks like this Sunday coming up it is going to be yet another beautiful day!  Can’t wait to get there.


Ladies-Please don’t take voting for granted!


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So Saturday morning we woke to the news that Mitt chose Paul Ryan as his running mate.  I don’t know anything about the man so I decided to perform my own background check on him and start clicking on news stories and of course scan the articles’ related comments.  I wasn’t surprised to see remarks for him or against him, or how he was or was not the right choice, but what I was dismayed to see was the number of women saying, “who cares” or that it didn’t matter because they weren’t going to vote anyways.

I also recently had the pleasure of talking to two lovely young ladies of voting age who both told me they were NOT registered to vote.  One told me that she didn’t register to vote because it “wouldn’t count” (perhaps she was too young to remember the recount in Florida, where clearly every vote counted) and the other didn’t have an answer for me.

I don’t understand that line of thinking and quite frankly it pisses me off.

Did they forget that women weren’t even given the right to vote until 1920?  It hasn’t even been 100 years and some women are already taking it for granted??  Unacceptable.

Did they forget that women literally FOUGHT for our right to vote?

I know that people are too lazy busy to look it up so let me help refresh your memory on some of the things they had to go through.  Some suffragists organized a picket outside of the White House and it turned ugly really quick when men attacked them, first with verbal assaults, and then with physical violence, all while the police stood by and watched.  The women were arrested, beaten, and some were even tortured. They endured that abuse for US.

At first President Wilson, a Democrat, was against allowing women to vote but then in 1917, in response to public outcry about the prison abuse of those suffragists, he reversed his position and announced his support for a suffrage amendment.

These courageous and determined women (I’m sure alongside many of our grandmothers and great grandmothers) fought so that we, their daughters, granddaughters, sisters, aunts, and any other women living in this great country could pull the lever fill in the circle at the polling booth and have a say.

One of the very first things I did when I turned 18 was to register to vote.  I couldn’t wait to vote so that I could have a say and express my opinion.  I felt that voting was a way to thank women like Susan B. Anthony , Elizabeth Cady Stanton,  Alice Paul,  and Lucy Burns  for paving the way.

I will honor them by voting each and every time I can.

If you are not registered I encourage you to not only register to vote, but to educate yourself on the topics don’t listen to what the media feeds you-double check them, and then most importantly vote.  If you have time for Jersey Shore or whatever other excuses reasons you may have I’m sure you can spare some time to show some respect and appreciation for the women who fought for us as well as for this great country that we live in.

Not sure where you stand or which candidate best represents your point of view? Try answering the questions on one of these:


Candidate Match Game

Vote Chooser

None of these “games” will replace educating yourself in order to come to your own conclusion.

Your single vote may seem like it doesn’t matter but when your vote is coupled with others who believe the same as you, your “voice” all of the sudden becomes louder.

We are very fortunate to live in a country where we can vote.  We must be active participants if we want this thing called democracy to work.

As much as I’d love to tell you who to vote for that decision is up to you.

Don’t vote for someone because your husband, brother, father, mother, sister, best friend, or your favorite actor told you that’s who they’re voting for.  Educate yourself and make your own choice (always play devil’s advocate instead of seeking out information that supports your view-trust but verify is a good rule of thumb to live by).

What is most important: that you vote!!

Changing My New York State of Mind


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It’s so hard to admit when you find out a belief you thought was true for years was…well…wrong.  Since I didn’t grow up around guns and was misinformed I thought they were unnecessary, evil, and had no idea why anyone would ever want or need a gun.  Oh yeah, and they were SCARY!!

I was guilty of believing at least a few of the movie gun myths pointed out here and here.  I was also guilty of believing that that gun owners were lawless and took fighting crime into their own hands, that crime could never happen to anyone I know, and that gun owners were just paranoid.  After all the police were there to serve and protect us, right?  If you’ve heard the news say it, I believed it, and never thought twice about looking to see if any of it was true.

I didn’t take any initiative to educate myself any further than what I saw on the news, in movies or on special reports after tragedies so I just believed what I was fed.  I remember when I met my husband’s father for the first time; I was terrified when he pulled his gun out of the holster and laid it down on the coffee table.  That was the first time that I ever saw a gun in person.  I just couldn’t believe that he put a gun on the table, I mean didn’t he know that at any moment it could just go off and kill one of us?

Even though we’d been together for years until recently it made me uncomfortable just seeing the gun on him.  I would wonder why anyone would EVER carry all of the time and honestly thought that he was paranoid, delusional, and plumb crazy.

I remember having some really heated gun debates with him over the years.  I would never take the time to fact check his arguments and I really was just debating him with my emotions and misinformation.  I was dumb.  It may have taken me 19 years to admit this….but…he wins.

As I’ve said before if it wasn’t for my husband wanting his pistol permit I’m positive I’d still feel that way.  It wasn’t until we were going to have guns in my house that I even took the initiative to back up any of the arguments that came out of my mouth against guns and then I had to insert my foot in my mouth over and over.

I, like too many other Americans, chose to NOT educate ourselves not just about guns but on many topics because it is too hard and time consuming.  Too many are willing to take everything they hear on the news or what they see in the movies as reality.  What furthers the problem is that people tend to only seek out information that confirms their beliefs instead of looking at the facts presented by the opposing side.

I’d say two things specifically have made me feel more comfortable: spending more time around guns and educating myself.  I’m not sure that anyone else would have been able to change my mind about guns that’s why I feel it’s so important to bring my non-gun owning friends to the range and share the information that I have learned, debunking myths, and showing them how much fun target shooting is.

I was literally afraid to be in the same room with a gun, I didn’t even want the guns in the bedroom at first because I felt they were somehow going to go off and kill us while we were sleeping.  Sounds a little like I was the one being paranoid, delusional, and crazy, doesn’t it?

When my husband has had to go away for work overnight I ALWAYS slept with a knife close by.  I was willing to use it, or anything else for that matter, to protect my life if an intruder came into the bedroom.  So I’m not sure what took me so long to come around to guns.  I hope to God I never ever have to use it but am now comforted by its presence.

Because I can understand why people, like me, who grew up in an anti-gun state like New York, never having an encounter with a gun would be scared of them I now feel a strong commitment to changing other peoples’ anti-views of guns.  Even if it is just one person at a time.

It took some time, but if I can change my beliefs anyone can, but they need to take some initiative to educate themselves and be open minded.  Like I said I can’t believe that I now feel SAFER in a room with a gun in it.

The good news is that I have waked up by giving myself a re-education about guns, and personal safety. Now I just feel like I need to share that information with everyone.

I worry about my single women friends and those whose husbands have to travel.  I can’t bear the thought of something bad happening to them and need them to at least have some kind of plan even if it doesn’t involve a gun.

We’re worth it, our families are worth it. 

My husband has told me for years that I argued not with facts but with emotion.  I didn’t believe him and would argue with him about that too. I now realize he was right all along.  I’m sure if he is reading this he has a huge smile on his face and can’t wait to tell me I TOLD YOU SO.

I feel bad for him…it must be such a burden to be right all of the time.  😉

Sunday at the range- Another beautiful day at the range!


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There was not one, not two, not even three but four women at the range including myself this morning!  Awesome!!  Now I just need to organize us to meet up together…it’s on my list of things to do!

We started by adjusting Walther’s sights.  I seemed to do a bit better but am still all over the place as you can see.  The good news is that my husband and everyone else who gives Walther a whirl  have similar luck so I don’t feel so bad!!  This was about 10 yards out.

Targets 10 yards out. Small holes Walther, large holes 1911

Here is how I did with hubby’s 1911.  This was the first 8 shots I fired at about 10 yards away.  Not bad at all!  Right before we left I fired 8 more and it killed my wrist.  I think that I was just tired at that point and wasn’t holding the grip tight enough so my wrist was getting the brunt of the recoil.

10 Yards out-1911- Not too bad!!

One of the men that we ran into last weekend was there again and brought a new gun for me to try.  He invited me down to his bench to try out his Beretta Cx4 Storm semiautomatic carbine  it was a .45, had an illuminated scope with red crosshairs, and had the long grip on the front which made it much easier to hold.  I was super excited to have it in my hands and was curious to see how it felt when it fired.  I was surprised that it was very comfortable to hold, and didn’t feel awkward at all.  This is the first time I used a scope and must say that I totally felt like I was cheating!!  It was fun to shoot and accurate but my shoulder didn’t seem to like the recoil at all. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic of myself holding the Cx4 or of the target.

After that excitement I sat down with a Mauser-Werke Oberndorf bolt action.22 rifle.   I totally fell in love this gun.  There was an instant bond between us.  I loved loading one bullet in at a time.  I loved its simplicity; I loved how accurate it was.  I think I could have sat there and shot out all of the red in the bull’s-eye.  So relaxing.  This was at 25 yards out.

Love this rifle. So much fun and relaxing!!

Another beautiful, fun, and relaxing day at the range!

Is it Sunday yet????

Walther goes to the store


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After attending the Concealed Carry fashion show this past weekend I am all types of motivated. I’m motivated to learn more about personal safety, to go to the range more frequently, to train, and most importantly feel comfortable enough to carry.

Yesterday I was headed up to the range and needed to stop at the store to pick up some targets so I decided to bring Walther with me just to see how it felt.

Walther was “unloaded” and I was wearing my jeans, and a belt, with Walther tucked snuggly inside of his holster on the inside of my pants, with my shirt over it.  Basically I would have had to use Walther as a club if it came down to it.  If there were any problems I didn’t plan on brandishing it; I was going to act like I didn’t have him on me at all and be the good little sheep that I typically am. Baaaa….

Anyways, carrying Walther was more comfortable than I thought it would be and when I looked in the mirror you couldn’t see Walther at all and thought to myself that I was good to go!  Yes!!! This is great.  Step one, concealing Walther has been accomplished.

As I sat down in the car Walther poked me so I had to re-adjust him a little a bit until it was more comfy. It wasn’t quite as comfortable as standing up so there was no way that I would be forgetting that Walther was there.  At that point I was feeling pretty great, confident, happy and was jamming out to some tunes on the radio.

I pull into the parking lot and know that I only need to be in the store for no more than 5 minutes.  In and out.  I thought I’d feel empowered, comforted, relaxed and content.  Yeah…not so much.  I wish that I could say that was how I felt but in reality I was nervous, worried, self-conscious, paranoid…basically mortified thinking that someone was going to see Walther.

Time seemed to slow down completely.  I was frozen.  Couldn’t move.  Couldn’t bring myself to get out of the car.  I even considered driving back home to drop Walther off and go back up to the store, then back home to pick him up before I headed up to the range. I sure as heck wasn’t leaving Walther in the car!

I felt like I was doing something wrong, something bad, or something dirty.  I felt like I was doing something I was not supposed to do even though it was perfectly legal.

I had all types of irrational thoughts running through my head.

What if someone saw Walther?  I knew that wouldn’t be the case since I looked in the mirror at home no less than 50,ooo times before I left the house.  Couldn’t see Walther not even a print of him.

What if I walk through the doors and the alarm goes off and they want to search me?  Hello, you dumb a$$ you just walked in why would they search me? Besides they are security alarms NOT metal detectors.  Now would be a good time for you to roll your eyes at me.  Go ahead I know you want to.

What if Walther suddenly fell out of the holster and dropped on the ground?  Again, I was being ridiculous, absurd, irrational (insert any other word you’d like to call me here).  Walther was very secure where I had put him and would never have fallen out.

I swear that I was just waiting for someone to scream, “Hey, that lady has a gun, tackle her!!!!!!!!!”

After taking a few minutes to compose myself while still in the car, it was time for me to go in.  I still was hyper aware that Walther was with me, super aware of everyone around me, and I felt that everyone was looking at me with Superman eyes.

I got what I had to get and left.  I was so relieved to get back in the car and leave!  Phew!  I survived!!!!!!!!!  Guess what, no one saw Walther, there were no alarms, and no one had a clue.

I was reluctant to talk about this little episode because I feel pretty embarrassed and knew that I was being absolutely ridiculous but this is why I’m here in the first place.  I want to share how I’m feeling so that if you feel this way, or someone you know feels this way, that you’ll know you are not alone in being nervous carrying for the first time.

Clearly I’m not ready to carry yet but I really just wanted to know what it was going to feel like.  So what is my plan of action from here?

I’m going to start wearing Walther around the house.  Just to start feeling comfortable that he is always going to be at my side.  Continue with going to the range as often as possible and GET MORE TRAINING.

As soon as I was back in the car I immediately knew how ridiculous I had been.  It was just that I was so nervous.  Not nervous that Walther was going to go off, not nervous that something was going to happen, I was nervous that someone would see me carrying.

Honestly though I don’t think that anyone was even paying attention; they were in their own worlds oblivious to their surroundings but in that moment it sure felt like all eyes were on me.

If there was one positive that came out of last night’s debacle is that it is very evident that carrying will make me more aware of my surroundings.  Even today I can still remember faces and what people were wearing, where they were standing, and even how the guy with the ponytail with the pink shirt was carrying 2 rulers, a pack of multi colored high lighters, a roll of plastic, and his girlfriend was wearing black sandals and had huge pinky toes. Huge.

My point is that instead of being nonobservant and aloof, carrying Walther made me more aware of my surroundings.  EXTREMELY aware even.  More observant of everyone around me-read possible threats- which should in turn make it less likely that those threats would target me and if they did I would be more prepared.

I’m still motivated and this won’t hold me back whatsoever but no more trips for Walther to the store, at least not for now.

Sunday at the range- Making new friends and trying some new guns!


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Sunday was a great day at the range, no doubt about it.  We made some new friends and I got the opportunity to shoot a total of 6 different guns!  That’s right 6!!  How lucky is this girl?!

It was a beautiful morning to go up to the range.  When we pulled in the first thing I saw was another woman…two weekends in a row!!  I went down and introduced myself to her and her husband and found out that they also just joined the range and were coming from about an hour away.  She was just as excited as me to be there!  She showed me the .22s that they were using and we exchanged contact information. We have already been in touch!!

We also met two other wonderful gentlemen there and both were more than happy to not only show me the guns that they had brought to the range but even asked if I wanted to give them a whirl.  Oh yeah!!!

So let me introduce the cast:

1. You already know Walther – I think that the sights are off a little on Walther.  Not only did I shoot much better with all of the other guns my husband and someone else had similar accuracy results. We didn’t have the little adjuster tool so I’ll try it this coming Sunday.

2. Smith and Wesson 1911 (.45)   I am starting to get used to the 1911, its heavy, the grip is too big for my hands, I feel that it’s hard to rack the slide and the kick back is a bit much for me. I also think that because the trigger is tougher to pull that I’m totally anticipating the bang.

3. Beretta Model 96 (.40) I really liked the weight of this gun and the recoil wasn’t bad at all.  It was easier to pull this trigger than the 1911 but there was still bit of resistance.  Although fun to shoot I didn’t think it was a very handsome gun.

4. Kahr Baby Desert Eagle (9mm) This gun had some weight to it, it was super easy to pull the trigger, and the kickback was manageable.  It made me want to try some other 9mms.

And I was able to try out two rifles too!!

5.  1889 Marlin (38-40)    The gentleman who asked me if I wanted to use his rifles absolutely LOVED them.  He loved talking about them and telling their stories. It was great.  I wish I could remember everything he told me but it was a lot of information!  This is what I can remember:  It a lever-action rifle with a short barrel, this particular one was made in 1890 and the 1889 model was made until 1899.  Loved shooting it and it was very accurate.

6. Winchester Model 1892 The 1892 was also a lever action, it was a little harder to cycle, but was also very accurate.

This was the best Sunday at the range yet!!  I just love meeting new people and their guns at the range.  I can barely wait for the weekend to get here!!

The ultimate fashion accessory is the one that keeps you alive!

Last night my husband and I headed down to Hudson, NY to attend the 1st Annual Women’s Concealed Carry Holster Fashion Show. What a great time!

“The ultimate fashion accessory is the one that keeps you alive!” was the message on the banner that stretched across the stage.  Trish Cutler couldn’t have come up with a more fitting tagline! I felt empowered just reading it, and look forward to the day I feel comfortable enough to carry. 

We checked out the vendors first and I was able to pick up some very nice earrings from Bullet Designs.  Their website is packed full of some great items (necklaces, earrings, key rings, pens) that are made from bullets.  Already started wearing them today!

We also stopped by the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association’s table to look at the concealed carry purses. I wasn’t sure how I felt about carrying in a pocketbook instead of on my person but wanted to check them out to see if seeing them in person would change my mind.  The conceal compartment was typically on the side or the top and had a removable Velcro holster inside so that you could have it pointed in the direction that you wanted.     

Another great part of the evening was being able to meet the lovely ladies behind ArmedCandy, and RebeccaGuns, as well as Gracie McKee from Packing Pretty who presented the fashion show. 

Gracie was amazing.  She was well spoken, full of information, and just an overall great representative of gun owners. 

As each model walked up on the stage I would try to figure out where the gun was hidden.  Gracie introduced each model, explained what type of holster they were wearing, and the model would show us where it had been concealed.  They demonstrated how to wear the belly band, a Remora  holster, The Marilyn bra holster, The Flashbang, ankle holsters, and some choices for carrying in pocketbooks. It showed that there are so many options for us to carry concealed.

After the fashion show portion of the event was over they had a few speakers come on stage who talked about personal and home defense, the ramifications of pulling the trigger, and a very fun demonstration from the Modern Self Defense Academy using a key baton.  We live about 2 hours away so we left before the end of the program. 

Congratulations to Trish Cutler and everyone else that helped make this event a success.  I look forward to going again next year!

Sunday at the Range-HOT, HOT, HOT!


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I’d like to get into the habit of reporting about my visits to the range. What the day was like, who I met, how I did, or anything else to note.  So here is my first official range report although a little late…better than never I guess!

We knew it was going to be super hot on Sunday so we headed up to the range earlier than normal.  It was a good thing because we got to meet some different people including another woman!!  Score!!!!!

After we unpacked the car and set up our benches I walked over to introduce myself.  I found out that she and her husband had just joined the range in June and that she is also new to shooting.  They were there shooting rifles not hand guns.  The one she was shooting had a technical name but I can only remember that it was a carbine.  Sorry I’ll try to get better at remembering!

I asked where they were from and was surprised to hear that they were driving even farther than us to get there; I’d say about an hour!  She said that the ranges closer to them had long waiting lists, required you to know someone in order to be accepted in, or were just too crowded.

I told her that was our experience as well but we both agreed that it wasn’t a horrible thing as we looked down the range and saw the absolutely gorgeous mountain background.  I can’t wait to see how beautiful it is this fall!

How did I do? 

This was a “short” day at the range.  We were only there for about an hour and a half. I think that I did a wee bit better this Sunday than last week.  I did much better with my husband’s Smith and Wesson 1911 than with Walther.  I’m not sure if it is the weight of the gun or what.  It is still going to take some time to get used to the 1911’s BOOM!

(Little holes Walther, Big holes 1911)

I’ll try to start taking better pictures to share.  It was so hot that the lens kept fogging up that’s why it looks a bit cloudy.

Unicorns and Sheep


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Saw this e-card on Facebook and found it quite fitting!

I think I’ve finally fell off my unicorn.

Maybe delusional is too strong of a word, perhaps naïve and uninformed are better.

I’ve been walking through life thinking that crime only happens in big cities or to people who put themselves in certain bad situations that crime could never possibly happen where I live, to me, or anyone else I know.  Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

Earlier this year, two people we know had their homes broken into.  Someone else we know had their purse stolen out of their car.  People we KNOW.  Not just names in the paper.

One break-in happened when they were not home, the other they were home when the intruder entered their house.  These incidents made me realize that it could happen to me.  They were just the push I needed to really get serious about learning how to use Walther as well as to look into other ways to help keep me and my family out of harm’s way.

Why is it that I always felt that I could never be a victim?  Perhaps it’s because we live in a “nice” area, I don’t hang out with the “wrong” people, I do the “right” things.  A world  where nothing bad could ever possibly happen to me or anyone I know.

If you don’t know about the sheep, wolf, and sheepdog analogy read about it here.  It is my understanding that living in my world of denial makes me a sheep, pretending that the wolves don’t exist. That is all fine and dandy until the wolf shows up at my house or I run into one elsewhere.  Then what?

What would I have done, besides have a heart attack, if I woke up to find an intruder standing in my kitchen?  What would you have done? Do you have a plan?

I guess it took me longer than everyone else to realize that ANYONE could be a victim at ANY time.

So what does that mean to me?  Well I’m trying really hard to drop my sheep status and become a sheepdog.  The process is slow but I’m taking steps to educate myself on crime and how to prevent it.  It means that we all need to have a plan.  Work over scenarios in our heads, use common sense, prepare, and change our mindset.

What are most criminals looking for?  An easy target.  Just like the wolf assessing and circling the herd in order to find the weakest sheep before making his move.

Hoping that it doesn’t happen and denying that crime could occur aren’t good strategies.  I’m so over being a sheep.  If the wolf shows up I don’t want to freeze in place, hope that he goes away, and do nothing. I WILL make a plan, I WILL prepare, and I WILL train. I’m worth it so is my family.

I think that the misfortune of our friends put a healthy amount of fear into me. Enough fear to help me to come up with a plan and prepare. When a wolf looks at me or my house I want him to think twice before attacking.

Like I said before it is extremely hard to come to grips with finding out that our beliefs are wrong and even harder to change our views from one standpoint to another.  I completely understand how hard it is. But if changing a belief based on facts can help keep my family safe then I just need to admit I was wrong and make changes to correct it.

I was wrong to think that crime couldn’t happen to me.  I’m sure our friends never thought in a million years that they would be victims of crime.  But the fact is that it happened. This just makes it clear to me that it could happen to me, or you, any of us at any time.

The world will forever be full of sheep. They are good people who just continue to live in denial.  I wish I could join them on my unicorn but alas he is gone.

Whoa, that is some really slippery stuff!!


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I think that I’ve mentioned before that Walther is very picky when it comes to the ammo.  We were not aware of this the very first time we went to the range and one of the casings got stuck and I was not properly prepared with some kind of instrument to get it out.  Luckily this happened at the end of our range visit. 

So that night hubby is cleaning his gun and wanted to help me with mine but wanting to know all I can I graciously declined so that I could attempt to clean Walther on my own. So I used my good friend Yahoo! and searched for “how to clean my Walther P22”.  Tons of videos came back but I felt this one in particular totally hooked me up and I took out the manual so between the two I was able to take the gun apart in no time.  (of course I can not find the video I used but once I do I’ll be sure to post it) So far this is pretty easy!!

I cleaned, and cleaned until there wasn’t any black anything left on Walther, put the Hoppe’s stuff where the videos and my husband told me to, used the rod and waited for all the patches to come out as white as they went in, and then oiled the moving parts. I really found this part of the cleaning process completely relaxing. 

Ok great…now what? Back to the videos…I listen and watch closely and think to myself well that looks pretty easy.  The guy put his Walther back together with the greatest of ease. Yeah…not so much!!! I could NOT hold the spring with the pin that was freshly oiled to save my life. I was lucky I didn’t break a window or my laptop screen with the spring hitting them as hard as it did.  I would lose my grip and the spring it would fly across the room.  Clean it off and try again…

Hubby could tell I was getting frustrated and wanted to help but I of course refused.  If I’m going to own a firearm this is something I need to know how to do.  Besides, I knew I could do it; I just had to keep trying.

WARNING: The following paragraph is rated PG-13.  I was screaming f*$k, sh&t, son of a…mother f’er and other obscenities at the top of my lungs…but I kept trying and then finally after about 45 minutes of chasing the spring around the kitchen, with very raw fingers I got the slide to fall back into place!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!! My problem…I wasn’t bringing the slide back far enough.

I must say when I was able to put Walther back together on my own, I felt pretty darn great. 

The next time I clean Walther I’ll be sure to post some pics and let you know if I’ve made any progress.  Stay tuned…