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Last weekend at our ladies shoot I fired a 12 gauge shotgun at some stationary clays.  I had no problem hitting each one or with handling the shotgun at all and I absolutely LOVED it!  I was told last weekend that its “hard to miss” with a shotgun but still it was fun and now I want one. 

I was feeling pretty disheartened yesterday after the election results so to make myself feel a little better I went to Walmart to pick up some ammo and since I was there figured that I’d check out their shotguns.  I really don’t know anything about shotguns like which brand I should get so I was happy to see 5 or so men in the sporting goods area decked out in their camo so I decided to ask if any of them had a shotgun. 

Most replied “yes” and were happy to engage in a conversation about which brand they had.  Nearly everyone had a Remington and one guy said he had a Mossberg. The men got what they needed, told me good luck, and left. It was now my turn at the counter.   

I started by asking for my boxes of ammunition the CCI Mini Mags that Walther loves but they were sold out so I picked up some boxes of Winchester for the rifle and this is what transpired next:

Me: “If I was to get a shotgun, what kind would you recommend?”

The clerk said with a look of concern on his face: “Mam, I don’t mean to ‘downgrade women’ but you couldn’t handle one. If you do get one you should get a 20 gauge.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.  At least he didn’t ask me if I wanted it in pink!   

Just to make it clear he wasn’t NOT going to sell me one like the story we heard a few months ago where a Walmart store clerk refused to sell a women a shotgun because it was “too much gun” for her.  In fact, he did tell me if I wanted to buy one that I’d need to provide photo ID and go through a background check but that shouldn’t take long at all especially since I already had my pistol permit which he knew I had because he asked to see the ID to purchase the ammunition.

I honestly don’t think that he meant any harm; I think that in his mind he was helping me because he believed that I could not handle the firearm being a woman. 

So far, no matter where I go locally to purchase firearms or ammunition it seems that I’m treated differently simply because I am a woman.  That somehow I couldn’t possibly know about nor have a passion for firearms.  

Don’t you worry though, even though I’ve been downgraded I haven’t given up, I’m sure my perfect gun store is out there I just haven’t found it yet!