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If you haven’t already heard NY State Senator José R. Peralta sponsored Senate Bill 7828 which would limit the sale of ammunition and goes something like this:

  • No retail dealer shall sell or transfer more than 500 rounds of any ammunition to any person during a 30 day period.
  • No person shall purchase or receive more than 500 rounds in a 30 day period but would not apply to any shooting range, police office, law enforcement, correction agency, members of the armed forces, or firearms dealers.
  • Dealers will be required to record the name, address, DOB, and phone number of the purchaser, and the quantity, manufacturer, type, and caliber or gauge of the ammunition purchased.
  •  Any person who violates the provisions will be guilty of a Class A Misdemeanor.

The microstamping bill didn’t pass not so long ago so I don’t believe that this will be passed either, especially this close to an election BUT you never can tell. So best to be sure and let them know how we feel!

I took the time to email a few of our NY Senators as well as some Representatives to let them know how passing this bill would affect me personally.  If you live in NY and care about our rights as gun owners you should contact them too just to make it clear to them where their constituents stand.

Follow these links and enter your addess and zip to find out who to contact:

To contact your NY State Senator

NY Assembly Person

Helpful tip: Save some time and make it easier on yourself by typing up your message in a Word document first then just copy and paste it into their online forms.

The more of us who speak up the better!