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I didn’t write a range report for the previous weekend because we were there for such a short time; I think right around an hour.  We had a family reunion celebrating my gram’s sister’s 90th birthday and I wouldn’t have missed that for the world!

This weekend we made up for the lost time! We spent just over 4 glorious hours at the range!  It was again a beautiful day but unlike the other weekends I was the only woman there this time.  Welllll…that’s not quite true.  One of the new members brought his wife but she had him park across the parking lot and would not get out of the car no matter who tried to coax her.  He explained to me that she was not a “gun aficionado”.  As you can imagine he wasn’t there for a very long.

We set up our targets and got down to business.  We’re still having a hard time getting good groupings with Walther.  I’ve spent some time recently reading on some discussion boards and found that some people have experienced similar issues.  Many people suggested looking at the Walther P22 Bible to look at “functional improvements” but that is wayyy beyond my capabilities. It was suggested by a few people that we just send a ton of rounds through it to further break it in. And that is what we took turns doing.  Between the two of us, we fed Walther about 600 rounds! Here’s a pic of the first 30 or so rounds.

When I wasn’t shooting Walther I used hubby’s 1911.  I shot about 50 rounds and am feeling really comfortable with it now.  Hubby probably sent around another 50 down range.  So as you can imagine our weekly visit to the range can be expensive so we really, really, really need to look into reloading!

We also took turns with the rifle.  I know I’ve said it before but there is just something about loading it one round at a time that I really just love.  This is 25 yards out.  I forgot to bring our binoculars so I had a hard time seeing where I was hitting but clearly I was hitting the target!

I met another very nice guy who was kind enough to let me try two guns he had.

One was the Ruger LC9 a 9mm.

It was had a good weight to it but the most memorable thing about this gun was that it had the LONGEST trigger pull that I’ve encountered yet. I mean loooooooooooooooooooooooong.  I actually thought that I was doing something wrong or that it was broken.  But he assured me to just keep pulling the trigger and then when it finally went off it startled me.  It wasn’t bad after I knew what to expect but wow.

He also let me fire his Ruger .22.  I’m not positive which kind it was but I think it may be the Ruger 22/45 Rimfire Pistol but I could be wrong.

Big holes the LC9, smaller holes 22

I’m finding that I have a really hard time seeing my shots on regular paper targets.  I had to ask him if I was even hitting the target!  The splatter targets definitely make it easier for me to see if I’m hitting the target or not. I really like the Dirty Bird ones in the 1911 pics above with the larger bull.

Looks like this Sunday coming up it is going to be yet another beautiful day!  Can’t wait to get there.