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There was not one, not two, not even three but four women at the range including myself this morning!  Awesome!!  Now I just need to organize us to meet up together…it’s on my list of things to do!

We started by adjusting Walther’s sights.  I seemed to do a bit better but am still all over the place as you can see.  The good news is that my husband and everyone else who gives Walther a whirl  have similar luck so I don’t feel so bad!!  This was about 10 yards out.

Targets 10 yards out. Small holes Walther, large holes 1911

Here is how I did with hubby’s 1911.  This was the first 8 shots I fired at about 10 yards away.  Not bad at all!  Right before we left I fired 8 more and it killed my wrist.  I think that I was just tired at that point and wasn’t holding the grip tight enough so my wrist was getting the brunt of the recoil.

10 Yards out-1911- Not too bad!!

One of the men that we ran into last weekend was there again and brought a new gun for me to try.  He invited me down to his bench to try out his Beretta Cx4 Storm semiautomatic carbine  it was a .45, had an illuminated scope with red crosshairs, and had the long grip on the front which made it much easier to hold.  I was super excited to have it in my hands and was curious to see how it felt when it fired.  I was surprised that it was very comfortable to hold, and didn’t feel awkward at all.  This is the first time I used a scope and must say that I totally felt like I was cheating!!  It was fun to shoot and accurate but my shoulder didn’t seem to like the recoil at all. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic of myself holding the Cx4 or of the target.

After that excitement I sat down with a Mauser-Werke Oberndorf bolt action.22 rifle.   I totally fell in love this gun.  There was an instant bond between us.  I loved loading one bullet in at a time.  I loved its simplicity; I loved how accurate it was.  I think I could have sat there and shot out all of the red in the bull’s-eye.  So relaxing.  This was at 25 yards out.

Love this rifle. So much fun and relaxing!!

Another beautiful, fun, and relaxing day at the range!

Is it Sunday yet????