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Sunday was a great day at the range, no doubt about it.  We made some new friends and I got the opportunity to shoot a total of 6 different guns!  That’s right 6!!  How lucky is this girl?!

It was a beautiful morning to go up to the range.  When we pulled in the first thing I saw was another woman…two weekends in a row!!  I went down and introduced myself to her and her husband and found out that they also just joined the range and were coming from about an hour away.  She was just as excited as me to be there!  She showed me the .22s that they were using and we exchanged contact information. We have already been in touch!!

We also met two other wonderful gentlemen there and both were more than happy to not only show me the guns that they had brought to the range but even asked if I wanted to give them a whirl.  Oh yeah!!!

So let me introduce the cast:

1. You already know Walther – I think that the sights are off a little on Walther.  Not only did I shoot much better with all of the other guns my husband and someone else had similar accuracy results. We didn’t have the little adjuster tool so I’ll try it this coming Sunday.

2. Smith and Wesson 1911 (.45)   I am starting to get used to the 1911, its heavy, the grip is too big for my hands, I feel that it’s hard to rack the slide and the kick back is a bit much for me. I also think that because the trigger is tougher to pull that I’m totally anticipating the bang.

3. Beretta Model 96 (.40) I really liked the weight of this gun and the recoil wasn’t bad at all.  It was easier to pull this trigger than the 1911 but there was still bit of resistance.  Although fun to shoot I didn’t think it was a very handsome gun.

4. Kahr Baby Desert Eagle (9mm) This gun had some weight to it, it was super easy to pull the trigger, and the kickback was manageable.  It made me want to try some other 9mms.

And I was able to try out two rifles too!!

5.  1889 Marlin (38-40)    The gentleman who asked me if I wanted to use his rifles absolutely LOVED them.  He loved talking about them and telling their stories. It was great.  I wish I could remember everything he told me but it was a lot of information!  This is what I can remember:  It a lever-action rifle with a short barrel, this particular one was made in 1890 and the 1889 model was made until 1899.  Loved shooting it and it was very accurate.

6. Winchester Model 1892 The 1892 was also a lever action, it was a little harder to cycle, but was also very accurate.

This was the best Sunday at the range yet!!  I just love meeting new people and their guns at the range.  I can barely wait for the weekend to get here!!