Last night my husband and I headed down to Hudson, NY to attend the 1st Annual Women’s Concealed Carry Holster Fashion Show. What a great time!

“The ultimate fashion accessory is the one that keeps you alive!” was the message on the banner that stretched across the stage.  Trish Cutler couldn’t have come up with a more fitting tagline! I felt empowered just reading it, and look forward to the day I feel comfortable enough to carry. 

We checked out the vendors first and I was able to pick up some very nice earrings from Bullet Designs.  Their website is packed full of some great items (necklaces, earrings, key rings, pens) that are made from bullets.  Already started wearing them today!

We also stopped by the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association’s table to look at the concealed carry purses. I wasn’t sure how I felt about carrying in a pocketbook instead of on my person but wanted to check them out to see if seeing them in person would change my mind.  The conceal compartment was typically on the side or the top and had a removable Velcro holster inside so that you could have it pointed in the direction that you wanted.     

Another great part of the evening was being able to meet the lovely ladies behind ArmedCandy, and RebeccaGuns, as well as Gracie McKee from Packing Pretty who presented the fashion show. 

Gracie was amazing.  She was well spoken, full of information, and just an overall great representative of gun owners. 

As each model walked up on the stage I would try to figure out where the gun was hidden.  Gracie introduced each model, explained what type of holster they were wearing, and the model would show us where it had been concealed.  They demonstrated how to wear the belly band, a Remora  holster, The Marilyn bra holster, The Flashbang, ankle holsters, and some choices for carrying in pocketbooks. It showed that there are so many options for us to carry concealed.

After the fashion show portion of the event was over they had a few speakers come on stage who talked about personal and home defense, the ramifications of pulling the trigger, and a very fun demonstration from the Modern Self Defense Academy using a key baton.  We live about 2 hours away so we left before the end of the program. 

Congratulations to Trish Cutler and everyone else that helped make this event a success.  I look forward to going again next year!