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I’d like to get into the habit of reporting about my visits to the range. What the day was like, who I met, how I did, or anything else to note.  So here is my first official range report although a little late…better than never I guess!

We knew it was going to be super hot on Sunday so we headed up to the range earlier than normal.  It was a good thing because we got to meet some different people including another woman!!  Score!!!!!

After we unpacked the car and set up our benches I walked over to introduce myself.  I found out that she and her husband had just joined the range in June and that she is also new to shooting.  They were there shooting rifles not hand guns.  The one she was shooting had a technical name but I can only remember that it was a carbine.  Sorry I’ll try to get better at remembering!

I asked where they were from and was surprised to hear that they were driving even farther than us to get there; I’d say about an hour!  She said that the ranges closer to them had long waiting lists, required you to know someone in order to be accepted in, or were just too crowded.

I told her that was our experience as well but we both agreed that it wasn’t a horrible thing as we looked down the range and saw the absolutely gorgeous mountain background.  I can’t wait to see how beautiful it is this fall!

How did I do? 

This was a “short” day at the range.  We were only there for about an hour and a half. I think that I did a wee bit better this Sunday than last week.  I did much better with my husband’s Smith and Wesson 1911 than with Walther.  I’m not sure if it is the weight of the gun or what.  It is still going to take some time to get used to the 1911’s BOOM!

(Little holes Walther, Big holes 1911)

I’ll try to start taking better pictures to share.  It was so hot that the lens kept fogging up that’s why it looks a bit cloudy.