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Saw this e-card on Facebook and found it quite fitting!

I think I’ve finally fell off my unicorn.

Maybe delusional is too strong of a word, perhaps naïve and uninformed are better.

I’ve been walking through life thinking that crime only happens in big cities or to people who put themselves in certain bad situations that crime could never possibly happen where I live, to me, or anyone else I know.  Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

Earlier this year, two people we know had their homes broken into.  Someone else we know had their purse stolen out of their car.  People we KNOW.  Not just names in the paper.

One break-in happened when they were not home, the other they were home when the intruder entered their house.  These incidents made me realize that it could happen to me.  They were just the push I needed to really get serious about learning how to use Walther as well as to look into other ways to help keep me and my family out of harm’s way.

Why is it that I always felt that I could never be a victim?  Perhaps it’s because we live in a “nice” area, I don’t hang out with the “wrong” people, I do the “right” things.  A world  where nothing bad could ever possibly happen to me or anyone I know.

If you don’t know about the sheep, wolf, and sheepdog analogy read about it here.  It is my understanding that living in my world of denial makes me a sheep, pretending that the wolves don’t exist. That is all fine and dandy until the wolf shows up at my house or I run into one elsewhere.  Then what?

What would I have done, besides have a heart attack, if I woke up to find an intruder standing in my kitchen?  What would you have done? Do you have a plan?

I guess it took me longer than everyone else to realize that ANYONE could be a victim at ANY time.

So what does that mean to me?  Well I’m trying really hard to drop my sheep status and become a sheepdog.  The process is slow but I’m taking steps to educate myself on crime and how to prevent it.  It means that we all need to have a plan.  Work over scenarios in our heads, use common sense, prepare, and change our mindset.

What are most criminals looking for?  An easy target.  Just like the wolf assessing and circling the herd in order to find the weakest sheep before making his move.

Hoping that it doesn’t happen and denying that crime could occur aren’t good strategies.  I’m so over being a sheep.  If the wolf shows up I don’t want to freeze in place, hope that he goes away, and do nothing. I WILL make a plan, I WILL prepare, and I WILL train. I’m worth it so is my family.

I think that the misfortune of our friends put a healthy amount of fear into me. Enough fear to help me to come up with a plan and prepare. When a wolf looks at me or my house I want him to think twice before attacking.

Like I said before it is extremely hard to come to grips with finding out that our beliefs are wrong and even harder to change our views from one standpoint to another.  I completely understand how hard it is. But if changing a belief based on facts can help keep my family safe then I just need to admit I was wrong and make changes to correct it.

I was wrong to think that crime couldn’t happen to me.  I’m sure our friends never thought in a million years that they would be victims of crime.  But the fact is that it happened. This just makes it clear to me that it could happen to me, or you, any of us at any time.

The world will forever be full of sheep. They are good people who just continue to live in denial.  I wish I could join them on my unicorn but alas he is gone.