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I think that I’ve mentioned before that Walther is very picky when it comes to the ammo.  We were not aware of this the very first time we went to the range and one of the casings got stuck and I was not properly prepared with some kind of instrument to get it out.  Luckily this happened at the end of our range visit. 

So that night hubby is cleaning his gun and wanted to help me with mine but wanting to know all I can I graciously declined so that I could attempt to clean Walther on my own. So I used my good friend Yahoo! and searched for “how to clean my Walther P22”.  Tons of videos came back but I felt this one in particular totally hooked me up and I took out the manual so between the two I was able to take the gun apart in no time.  (of course I can not find the video I used but once I do I’ll be sure to post it) So far this is pretty easy!!

I cleaned, and cleaned until there wasn’t any black anything left on Walther, put the Hoppe’s stuff where the videos and my husband told me to, used the rod and waited for all the patches to come out as white as they went in, and then oiled the moving parts. I really found this part of the cleaning process completely relaxing. 

Ok great…now what? Back to the videos…I listen and watch closely and think to myself well that looks pretty easy.  The guy put his Walther back together with the greatest of ease. Yeah…not so much!!! I could NOT hold the spring with the pin that was freshly oiled to save my life. I was lucky I didn’t break a window or my laptop screen with the spring hitting them as hard as it did.  I would lose my grip and the spring it would fly across the room.  Clean it off and try again…

Hubby could tell I was getting frustrated and wanted to help but I of course refused.  If I’m going to own a firearm this is something I need to know how to do.  Besides, I knew I could do it; I just had to keep trying.

WARNING: The following paragraph is rated PG-13.  I was screaming f*$k, sh&t, son of a…mother f’er and other obscenities at the top of my lungs…but I kept trying and then finally after about 45 minutes of chasing the spring around the kitchen, with very raw fingers I got the slide to fall back into place!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!! My problem…I wasn’t bringing the slide back far enough.

I must say when I was able to put Walther back together on my own, I felt pretty darn great. 

The next time I clean Walther I’ll be sure to post some pics and let you know if I’ve made any progress.  Stay tuned…