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Picking out your gun is a very personal decision.   From its make and caliber to its color.  Just like the movies we watch, books we read, and the clothing we wear we all have our own preferences and styles.

I feel that if you love a black gun that is great, two-tone awesome, stainless with rosewood grips beautiful, if you think pink is cool and empowering and will get you to the range than that’s what you should have.  What I find interesting, with most of us acknowledging that we’re all unique, is that some people still assume that because I’m a woman I would automatically choose pink over any other color.

Imagine a man walking into a gun store and says, “I’d like that S&W 1911”

Man behind the counter replies, “Excellent, would you like that in blue?”

Just thinking about an exchange like that at a gun store totally cracks me up!  It seems completely silly to me that because a man walks into the store that anyone would assume that he wanted a blue gun simply because he is a man.  Just as silly as it would be to assume every woman that walked into your store would want a pink gun.

When I finally decided that Walther was just what I had wanted-perfect as is– the man behind the counter said, “You want that in pink?”  I whipped my head around, shot him a quick glance, and retorted, “No, I do NOT want that in pink.”  He laughed and said something to the effect that he has to ask “these days” because some women want their guns pink and “blinged” out.

Sitting around the dinner table at Easter I asked the lovely ladies in my family what their favorite colors were.  It just so happens that my gram loves green, my aunt has always been fond of blue, my mother and I like orange (holy crap am I becoming my mother??!!), and my teenage cousin’s favorite is pink. So that is 1 pink lover out of 5 women around the dinner table.  Yes I know that is a small sampling but I still find it interesting.

Perhaps the better question would be “would you like this as is or in a different color?” which would most likely prompt from the buyer “what colors does it come in/do you have it in orange?”

Just because pink and blue help us easily identify babies so that we don’t hurt their parents feelings, and thank God for that because I hate it when I call someone’s cute little boy a beautiful baby girl, it doesn’t mean that when we grow up that women want everything in pink and men want everything in blue.