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Thanks to Cornered Cat’s Facebook page I just read this very interesting post on John Farnam’s Quips about “shooting to wound”.  My husband has had the same conversation with me a number of times and reinforces why I should aim at the center of mass because that way I’d be less likely to miss when it would really count.  

The scenario: I’m home when a bad guy comes and busts in the door what do I do?  Here’s a better question what would you do? 

Well if this was to happen right this second clearly I’d be screwed.  Why? I don’t carry around the house, and my phone and the steak knives are out in the kitchen (probably out in the kitchen…well maybe…actually most of the time we have no idea where the phone is).  I suppose I could throw the TV remote or my laptop at him but it had better be the best throw of my life. 

So let’s add me carrying a gun to the scenario.  Now what?  My answer is to fire a warning shot. In my husband’s scenario the bad guy doesn’t care about the warning shot and keeps coming or there is just one bullet in the gun, so what do I do?  What would you do?

I felt exactly like the pregnant woman in the post.  I’d just shoot him in the leg or to “wound” the intruder.  Now that I’ve been to the range a few times I really think that shooting someone in the leg, who is running at me is completely unrealistic.   I have a hard enough time hitting a stationary object.  I can’t imagine if I added in adrenaline and made it a moving target.  Not to mention that I wouldn’t be firing straight on it’d probably be at an awkward angle. 

Again, I’m just starting out; I still have a lot to learn.  I’m glad my husband goes over these topics with me but what is even better is finding things that reinforce what he is telling me.  It also emphasizes that I need more training!