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The power is still out for many people who were affected by storms last Friday.  You can read about who is still without power  here .  I feel for them, I really do.  We lost our power for 5 days during the last winter Olympics due to an ice storm that hit the area.  We were not at all prepared.  We don’t have a generator or a fireplace so we were reliant on kerosene heaters. 

We only had one heater and needed a second to keep the house warm enough to sleep in so we needed to purchase an additional one.  We also needed a lot of kero during those 5 days but everywhere I went was sold out of containers, so I had to drive even farther to find one.  Some local places ran out of kerosene so we again had to drive around to find some.  We have a well so we could not flush the toilettes without melting snow or take a shower.  We had no way to heat food.

Luckily, we could make it out to use main roads to get us to stores that still did have power.  The power went back to the populated areas first of course.  So I could go get us a hot meal, or we could travel to my mothers to go take a shower and get warm for a few hours.  We even bought a small black and white battery run TV so that we could watch the Olympics for a couple hours each night on a 4” screen.

Besides some fond memories of the time we spent together we also learned some valuable lessons though from that experience.  It would have been way worse if the roads were impassable, or if it had taken another week or 2 for the power to come back on.  Five days seemed like a lifetime!! 

The recent storm stories stir up the inner prepper in me.  Are we prepared for the end of the world?  Not by a long shot but I’m at least a bit better prepared for an event of similar magnitude.  We now keep jugs of water filled in the basement so that we can at least flush the toilette.  We also have an emergency radio, a good supply of batteries, candles, flash lights, and typically have a few cases of water on hand. 

This just reminds me of how fragile our infrastructure is and how most people, including myself, are not prepared for any large storms or other catastrophes let alone the end of the world. 

So now what?  Guess I’ll mull that over while I watch some TV in my nice air conditioned house…