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Being a first time handgun buyer I felt very intimidated just walking into the gun store.  I wasn’t sure what kind of firearm I wanted, how much money I wanted to spend let alone the make and caliber (my husband and I talked before we went and he suggested a .22 to learn on but the decision was completely up to me).  When we walked into the store the men behind the counter didn’t acknowledge me and immediately set out talking to my husband. 

Honestly, this really bummed me out.  I was so proud of going through the pistol safety course and just taking a step towards getting a gun that I thought the men behind the counter would be at least a little excited for me too.  Not that I was expecting high fives or a parade I just thought they would be a little more encouraging and interested. 

After much consideration I went back and I wound up getting a Walther P22.  Taking the advice of one of my girl friends I picked the gun that “felt like a glove” in my hand. 


I’ve been to the range a few times now and have had a great time with Walther so far.  I’ve learned that Walther does not like all .22 ammo and prefers CCI Mini Mag ammo.  I’ve also learned that I need to bring more than 100 rounds to the range…100 goes by too quick!