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Welcome to my blog!!  I’d like to share my journey into the gun world along with my thoughts and experiences about the things I learn along the way and anything else I feel like talking about. 

I’m completely new to the gun world.  About 2 years ago my husband said that he’d like to get his pistol permit.  Believe it or not it took us about 16 months out of that time to get them!!  I didn’t grow up with guns in my house and for the life of me I didn’t understand why anyone would want a gun.  To me they were totally scary and unnecessary.   My husband on the other hand grew up in a house full of guns, learned how to use them at a young age and really wanted to have one and who am I to keep him from something he wants?  That’s not my style.

If we were going to have guns in our house I felt strongly that I needed to know more about them…no actually I needed to know EVERYTHING about them.  I wanted to know things like the crime rate in the United States, how many people died each year due to firearms, why people carry, the laws, and of course how to use them. 

The real opportunity to research this information came when I was faced with picking a topic for my capstone project in the MBA program I was in.  I wanted to put my education to the test and see if I could come up with a business plan to open my own business…but couldn’t figure out what type of company but kept coming back to a gun store. 

Why a gun store?  It seemed fitting.  I wanted to learn more about the industry and my first gun shopping experience well… it sucked.  Overall, my project was inspired by the undesirable experiences that I encountered when going through the process of buying my first handgun as a woman.  I don’t think that I need to say much about that as I hear and read about similar experiences all of the time! 

So I decided that my final project would be a strategic plan for opening my own gun store.  The capstone project covered the last 2 semesters; I just loved working on this project it was so much fun.  Being new to guns the research proved to be very interesting and quite eye-opening and I don’t think that I would have examined the gun industry on my own.  Many of the things I thought would be true based on my own biases or lack of knowledge proved not to be. 

I can tell you that we will NOT be opening up a gun store anytime soon!  Maybe if we win the lottery we could afford it.  I would love to work in a gun store part time not only to be able to handle all different kinds of guns and learn more but to also meet other gun owners and ask them questions and hear their stories.  Plus I think it would be great to see more ladies behind the counter. That being said I don’t think that my heart is behind a counter, I think its at the range.  Helping other women feel comfortable and get the training they need.  But becoming a trainer is a long ways away for me, I’m only at the beginning of my journey.  But a girl can dream, right? 

Now that I have whet my appetite with knowledge and learn more each day I feel that it’s time to get to know my gun better and that’s where Walther comes in.